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The Missouri Cannabis Nurses Association is an informal organization of nurses and healthcare professionals in the State of Missouri. Our members are dedicated to the safe care of Missouri patients in need of cannabis therapeutics utilizing evidenced based practice. The association was founded by dedicated nurses who advocate the right for patients to have access to safe cannabis and competent healthcare professionals. Our members holistically care for patients focusing on improving and maintaining maximum wellness, ability, and quality of life. Join us as we deliberate the therapeutic use of cannabis in patient care.

If you are interested in joining us as a voice for compassion and change, please email us at:

Membership in the American Cannabis Nurses Association is highly recommended. You can join by visiting their website at:


3 thoughts on “Become a Member

  1. I am a registered nurse in Missouri. I know cannabis oil provides tremendous relief for many chronically ill patients, often helping when nothing else will. It is immeasurably superior to and safer than prescribed opioids for chronic pain. In addition hemp extracts have actual healing properties. Unfortunately, medical marijuana is not yet legal in my state. Many patients have to endure unnecessary intractable pain, nausea, weight loss, etc. I yearn for the day medical marijuana takes its rightful legal place in Mo medicine. I want to learn all I can about this promising treatment protocol. Thank you. Mary Derrick, RN


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